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How do I arrange a survey/valuation?

We keep it as simple as possible.


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  • Once you have instructed us, we will contact the agents as soon as possible and agree an appointment time with the Vendor (if the property is occupied) through the agents.
  • Once we have this date, we will email you with the standard Terms and Conditions of Engagement for the type of survey/valuation we are undertaking and confirmation of costs.
  • It is important that the documentation is returned to us in a timely manner but as long as we have confirmation from you to proceed with the survey/valuation, we do not need the documentation back in our possession prior to undertaking the inspection. You can either make payment to us via cheque, or more conveniently by BACS. The Bank details are included in the standard documentation sent to you.


  • We will ring you on the day of the inspection to confirm that the survey/valuation has been undertaken and will give you an outline of the outcome of the survey.
  • Our report will be available within five working days after inspection and up to six working days in relation to a Building Survey. This will vary dependent upon the type of property and survey.
  • We advise that you contact us with any queries you have with regard to the content of the survey, however minor. It is important that you fully understand the content of the report and are comfortable with the advice you are given.
  • If you are unsure as to any part of the process, we can be contacted between 8am and 7pm for advice on your particular situation.


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