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Frequently Asked Questions

We would advise the survey is in your hands a minimum of three weeks before you exchange Contracts.  A typical lead-in time for booking the survey is 5 working days but this can be longer.  There is around a further 5 working days before the report is released.  Typically, therefore, you should be arranging your survey 5 weeks before your anticipated date for exchange of Contracts.

Different surveys are suitable for different types of properties.  The Level 1/Condition Report and Level 2/HomeBuyer Report are more suited to properties that are of standard construction and in a reasonable state of repair.  The HomeBuyer Report has the flexibility to include a few specific queries/concerns.  The Level 3/Building Survey Report is suited to older style properties, properties in a poor state of repair or of non-traditional construction.

Please refer to ‘Surveys’ for a list of features of the individual surveys and sample reports for more information/illustrations.

Yes.  We use photographs to illustrate principal features and defects in the property.

This will be dependent upon the age and type of property and the type of survey you require.  Please complete our online ‘Get A Quote’ form and we will provide you with a fixed quotation.

Where a mortgage is applicable, the lender will normally undertake their own Valuation Report.  Therefore, it is not necessary to undertake an additional Valuation of the property.

Most of our clients proceed without commissioning a Valuation.  If for any reason you are uncertain as to whether you are paying the right price for a property, a Valuation can be provided.

If you opt to have a Valuation, this includes an insurance reinstatement cost.  If you do not require a Valuation, we can include an insurance reinstatement cost for an additional fee.

We will take all details from you relating to the transaction and make arrangements via the Estate Agent.  You will not need to be involved in this part of the process.

Yes. The Surveyor will call you usually on the day of the survey but within 24 hours of inspection of the property with a verbal update.

Level 2 Reports are dispatched within a maximum of five working days and Level 3 Reports, six working days but often the surveys are available earlier than this.

You should settle our fees soon after inspection.  We will notify you that the inspection has been undertaken.  We will not release the report until payment has been received.

Payment can be made by a BACS transfer or by cheque.  We do not accept credit cards nor payments over the phone.

The Surveyor will ring you, usually on the day of the survey, to give you an update. There is every likelihood that you will have further queries after you have received the written survey report and you may have further queries once you have been in correspondence with your Legal Advisers.  Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss additional points.

We recommend a copy of the survey report is sent to your Legal Advisers.  If their details are provided, we will forward a copy to them.

No.  Our insurance arrangements do not permit us to allow any third parties to accompany us during the survey.

If you are not able to ascertain the type of Valuation you need, please call us on 01276 671180 and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Firstly, a structural matter may require further investigation. For example, if the building has been affected by structural movement and the Surveyor is concerned this may be a continuing issue, referral to a Structural Engineer prior to proceeding with the purchase will be required.
  • Secondly, if there is an item of significant disrepair that is causing, for example, an issue with dampness, then this would also be deemed to be a condition rating 3 item.
  • Thirdly, in relation to service installations, whilst these are inspected it is not possible to confirm compliance with all regulations unless the Surveyor has been provided with proof of compliance and servicing. This will typically apply to the electrical, gas and heating installations and specialist installations such as air conditioning units. In certain instances, Vendors may provide documentation that, for example, confirms servicing of the boiler where a Condition Rating 3 may not apply.
  • Finally, this will apply to any matters relating to Health and Safety. For example, internal doors may not incorporate safety glass, the handrail to the staircase may not comply with regulations or there may be a pond which is not protected and is a hazard for children.